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    OPC Registration in Kolkata

    OPC registration in Kolkata is fast and easy for every individual who wanted to gain legal authenticity by registering a company as one person company rather than running a partnership firm.

    The credit of incorporating OPC in India is given to the businesses Act, 2013 that created it with the goal of supporting businessman who are capable of beginning a progress on their own by allowing them to create one economic entity.

    The most important advantage of beginning an One Person Company (OPC) that one will yield is that there are often only one individual during a OPC , whereas a minimum of 2 members square measure mandatory for registering and conserving a non-public Ltd. or a limited liability Partnership (LLP).

    Similar to a company, a one Person Company may be a separate approved body from its advertiser, providing liability protection to its one and only shareholder, at identical time as having everlasting continuation of business and being an easy structure to register. OPC Registration in Kolkata is easy with SLPL.

    Thus an OPC structure are often determined as amalgam variety of structure, wherein it combines most of the advantages of a sole proprietary and a corporation variety of business.

    It’s just one person as a member WHO can act within the capability of a director as referred to as a share owner.

    One Person Company registration fees are comparatively lower than the other type of company registration format.

    One Person company registration process is also very simple and and the total process is done through One Person Company Registration online.

    As per the Ministry of Corporate affairs (MCA) rules the One Person company registration fees for its incorporation can be made through online processing by using One Person Company Registration online portal at MCA site.

    One Person Company Registration in Kolkata is quite popular now days and here at SLPL Associates we are taking care of the one person company registration process with supreme professionalism.

    SLPL Associates is India’s best leading business adviser that gives company registration services in Kolkata as well as other parts of India, & also offers other of company registration services like private Ltd. company registration, LLP registration etc.

    For more information please visit ministry of corporate affairs official website.

    OPC Registration
    DSC for 1 Director
    DIN for 1 Director
    Articles of Association (AOA)
    Memorandum of Association
    Company PAN
    Company TAN
    Certificate of Incorporation

    OPC Registration Kolkata

    OPC Registration Kolkata

    Know more about One Person Company Registration.

    Frequently Asked Question ?

    There are very few basic pre requisites for one person company(OPC) registration. First of all

    i) Only a natural person who is an Indian citizen and resident in India shall be eligible to incorporate a one person company(OPC). And

    (ii) he shall be a nominee for the sole member of a One Person Company(OPC).

    The major benefit to register under one person company (OPC) is that there is no need for minimum capital requirement. It’s just like a sole proprietorship, but with a separate legal status for business and limited risk for the owner.

    The owner of the business and the nominee director, who has been nominated by the subscriber after obtaining prior written consent of that person, who shall become the member of One Person Company(OPC) in the event of subscribers’ death. That means owner is the sole member of One person Company, and after his death nominee director is the member of one person company.

    Any individual person who is above the age of 18 can easily become the director of the company after procuring DIN number also known as Director Identification Number.

    Anyone who is an Indian citizen, resident of India and not a minor can be a nominee but the subscriber or owner of the OPC shall nominate the person. And the nominee shall give his written consent that in the event of death of the subscriber, he/she become the member of the company.

    Digital signature certificates(DSC) are the digital equivalent (that is electronic format) of physical or paper certificates. DSC is required to sign any electronic document like e-forms.

    You can run only one business under OPC.

    Off course you can. residential address can be used as business office or working office without any problem. Only the MOA must contain the place of business as residential address.

    From Name reservation to obtaining DSC and DIN the process is online, and can be executed electronically. All the forms like INC-3, INC-32 Form SPICE are available online and offline.

    For converting an OPC into private Limited Company, the provisions laid down in the section 18 of the companies act 2013, and the companies(incorporation) Rules of 2014, in particular the rule 7(4) of the companies (incorporation) Rules, 2014, needs to followed for both the conditions; voluntarily and under compulsion.

    No such company can convert voluntarily into any kind of company unless two years have expired from the date of incorporation of One person Company(OPC), except threshold limit( Paid up share capital) is increased beyond fifty lakhs rupees or it’s average annual turnover during the releavant period exceeds two crore rupees.

    The amount of compliance by an one person company is much lesser in terms of filing returns, balance sheets, audit etc. An yearly prescribed form called MGT-7 need to be filed with the ROC before the 3th September each year.And every one person company shall prepare yearly return after the completion of each financial year. It can be signed by company directors.

    No NRI or foreigners are permitted to register under OPC in India. The applicant’s nationality must be Indian, and he must be the resident of India.

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