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    Proprietorship Registration Kolkata Process

     A sole proprietorship may be a form of unregistered business entity that’s owned, managed and controlled by one person. Sole proprietorship’s are one in all the foremost common kinds of business in india, employed by most small and tiny businesses operative within the unorganised sectors. Proprietorships are terribly straightforward to begin and have terribly lowest regulative compliance demand for started and operative. However, once the startup part, proprietorship’s don’t supply the promoter a bunch of advantages like liability proprietorship, company standing, separate legal entity, independent existence, interchangeability, perpetual existence – that ar fascinating options for any business. Therefore, proprietorship company registration is suited just for unorganised, tiny businesses which will stay tiny and/or have a restricted amount of existence.

    There is no mechanism provided by the govt of Asian country for the proprietorship company registration. Therefore, the existence of a proprietorship should be established through tax registrations and alternative business registrations that a business is needed to own as per the foundations and rules. as an example, VAT or Service Tax or GST Registration is obtained within the name of the businessman to establish that the businessman is working a business as a sole ownership. Thus, just in case of ownership company registration, it’d be within the name of the businessman, creating the businessman in person to blame for all the liabilities of the proprietorship.

    SLPL associates is that the market leader in company registration services in india, providing a spread of company registration like personal company registration, one person company registration, Nidhi Company Registration, Section eight Company Registration , Producer Company Registration and Indian Subsidiary registration. the common time taken to finish a proprietorship company registration is three – five operating days, subject to government time interval and shopper document submission.

    Proprietorship Registration
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    Frequently Asked Question ?

    Yes,  the proprietor must be an Indian and resident of India.

    There is no such requirement as authorised capital or paid up capital to start a proprietorship firm.

    A proprietorship firm and its registration is a local one. That means one needs to this process from his own state.Every state has a difference policies, but mostly an approval and license from a local authority like municipality or panchayat is enough to start a proprietorship firm.

    Its simple and quite easy. Trade license of the proprietorship firm and the Pan Card of the proprietor are sufficient enough to open a bank account in a name of the proprietor.

    Proprietorship Firm can be opened by one individual. Thats all, no other person can be the owner of Proprietorship Firm. 

    In small trading businesses, professions and rendering of personal services, sole proprietorship is more beneficial.

    Yes, you can surely do it. No issues about it.

    No, they can’t. No one can invest in the proprietorship firm other than the proprietor himself.

    The process is simple, and it only takes maximum 7 to 10 days to register a proprietorship firm.

    Yes, there is no problem to convert a proprietorship firm into pvt ltd company and LLP. The  whole process is online.

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