Additional Director Appointment
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    Process Of Appointing Additional Director

    As per section 260 and section 284 of the businesses Act, 1956, the Articles of Association of a company are the supply of authority from wherever the Board of directors attracts the proper to feature new directors to the Board or take away existing ones. The Articles of Incorporation should give for the addition of directors. The person appointed should be eligible as per the relevant clauses within the Articles of Association and should offer his consent to be a director in written kind that the corporate should register with itself.

    Procedure for Additional director appointment in India.
    • 3 working DAYS
      The newly-appointed director should apply for a Director number by filing E-Form DIN-1 with the Ministry of company Affairs, Government of india.
    • 4 working DAYS
      A resolution must be passed by the board, approving the appointment of a director. Once this is often done, we are going to file kind DIR-12 with the Registrar of companies.
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