Registered Office Address Changing
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    Registered Office Address Changing:

    The address of the Registered Office will be used for all official communications with the company.Due to some business reasons, the company can change its registered office address from one place to another.The company must have the new address for changing the old address of its business.The Company firstly set its  place   that where its  business will grow and then he decide to change the address.

    Process for changing the address of the Company:
    • Identify the new address for Company

      A new address to be identified for change of address
    • Board Meeting

      Convene a Board Meeting and pass a resolution for shifting of the registered office
    • Filing Form INC-22 to ROC Office

      File Form INC-22 with the ROC certified by a professional within 30 days of changes.

    • New address to be identified
    • Execute Rent/Lease agreement with Landlord
    • Obtain NOC from the address owner
    • Board Meeting to pass Resolutions
    • Filing INC-22 with ROC
    Documents Required:
    • Proof of new Address in name of Owner
    • Notice of Board Meeting



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