TDS Filing Service:

TDS means that Tax deducted at supply, because the name suggests, is that the tax deducted at the time the financial gain is received by or credited to the ‘person’ so collection of tax is preponed and there’s regular flow of taxes to the govt.. TDS is deducted on numerous kinds of financial gain like salary, interest on bank deposits and bonds, winnings from lotteries and horse races, payment to contractors and sub-contractors, insurance commission, rent, fees for professional and technical services, commission or brokerage etc.
As per the tax Act, all deductions created by the deductor on numerous payments need to be periodically updated to ITD via a pre-defined process. This process is thought as TDS come Filing.

With impact from FY 2005-06, the electronic kind of TDS/TCS come filing was introduced. The come filing has to be furnished on a quarterly basis within the department prescribed format.

TDS should be deposited to the credit of the Central Government and TDS Returns ought to be filed within due dates prescribed by the tax Act, 1961. a compulsory ten digit write-down variety (TDN) is also needed to be obtained by the deductor for this purpose.

Non Compliance with any of the provisions of the tax Act in respect of deduction and deposit of TDS, filing returns, getting TAN etc results in severe penalties. Hence, it’s wise to require skilled help so as to avoid any quite liability. SLPL associates India Pvt Ltd provides an entire vary of services which may utterly pay attention of your tax problems including TDS.
The forms used for submitting these quarterly TDS statements are:

  • Salaries Details – Form 24Q
  • Other than Salaries Details – Form 26Q
  • Details of NRI Payment – Form 27Q
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