Agreement services in Kolkata

Our legal services also bring to you the opportunity to cater to you the most elegant way of drafting your necessary agreement draft with a bit of proper legal advice and legal context.  We procure and deliver the most useful agreements for our existing clients as well as new clients. Our detailed agreement services are as follow:

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    Agreement services in Kolkata

    Rent agreement: These types of agreements generally commenced between a property owner and tenant. The rent agreement is generally simple, but there are three very important aspects of this environment, they are rent amount, rent payment due date, and the tenure of the agreement. Our drafting agreement caters to the small & significant detail important for both property owner and tenant.

    Leave and license agreement: This is a kind of agreement commenced between licensor and licensee, where the licensor grants permission or permit to the licensee to reside or to conduct commercial activities for a specific period. It’s a permission to the licensee to occupy the property for a certain period. Our lawyer services are proud to cater the leave and license agreement for our clients.

    Lease agreement: A lease agreement is a type of agreement where the property owner has been transferred to the tenant for a specific period to give him/her access to that property to carry out the activities and purposes for which the tenant has leased the property. Our pools of lawyers are efficient enough to provide a proper legal consultation and drafting guidance for your successful lease agreement drafting.

    Mortgage Agreement: This is a type of agreement that commenced between a borrower and the lender. In this agreement, the first one is termed ‘Mortgagor’, and the second person is termed as ‘Mortgagee’. Mortgagor owns an immovable property and he needs money. Mortgagor with that specified immovable property approaches to the Mortgagee (lender) for the loan. The lender agrees to give the borrower loan with certain terms and conditions and the borrower is mortgaging his/her property to the lender. This agreement clearly states that, if the borrower returns the full money and repays the due interest, the lender is also obligated to return the immovable property to the borrower.

    Franchise Agreement: This type of agreement is a legally binding contract between franchisor and franchisee which carries out the detailed expectation of franchisors from the franchisee relating to the business operation. This type of agreement outlines the complete terms and conditions by the franchisor for the franchisee. Every franchisee working under the franchisor is governed by those terms and conditions mutually agreed upon between the franchisor and franchisee. 

    Family Settlement Agreement : A property whether immovable or movable enjoyed by its owner. But in case the property is jointly owned by each member of the family, the need for a family settlement agreement arises. In simple words, the family settlement agreement is a kind of agreement that usually happens between the family members owning a particular property. The agreement outlines the proper distribution of the property among the family members, ownership and control, and settlement. The agreement is mutually worked out and agreed upon by the family members.

    Development Agreement : This agreement is a voluntary contract between the local judicial body/jurisdiction or entity and an individual holding or controlling a property. The agreement deals with the obligations, responsibilities, and duties of both the parties relating to the development of that specific property which includes standards and conditions mutually agreed upon.

    Hire Purchase Agreement: This type of agreement is most commonly known as an installment plan. The customer or buyer agrees to buy an asset by agreeing on the terms of the contract where the buyer pays an initial amount or down payment to take possession of the asset by acknowledging the conditions of the agreement to repay the balance amount with specific interest over some time.

    Memorandum Of Understanding: This is a formal agreement between two or more people outlining the draft for a formal contract. Unlike a legal contract, this type of agreement is not legally binding. This is kind of pre-contract framework which is mutually agreed by both parties to conduct future contract.

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