Annual Compliances for Nidhi Company
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    Annual Compliance For Nidhi Company:

    Annual compliance of Nidhi Company must be filed annually. However, many of them is meant to be filed once a definite interval of your time.
    Mainly, such compliances describes the performance and standing of Nidhi Company operations throughout the year.A Nidhi Company should fulfil the annual compliances as prescribed within the Nidhi Rules, 2014 and also the companies Act, 2013.

    Benefits of this Compliance:
    • If you fill the annual compliance, you may have an honest legal standing in front of your “to-be” members: the flexibility and also the purpose of a Nidhi Company permits it to own a dynamic variety of members. However, if you’re not compliant, it’s tough to get these members. Being permitting compliant helps you develop trust.
    • There area unit penalties related to not filing the compliance: unnecessary to mention, compliance isn’t optional. you wish to follow through with them so as to create positive that you simply don’t seem to be punished.
    • Smooth operations: you wish to create positive that your operations area unit sleek and being annually compliant can confirm that the roc doesn’t hassle you a lot of. This makes positive that you simply have sleek operation happening.
    Documents Required:
    • Audit reports
    • PAN card of the directors
    • Identity proof of the directors
    • Minutes of AGM
    Nidhi Company Rules and Compliance:
    • Not less than 200 members
    • Net owned Funds of ten hundred thousand rupees or more
    • Unencumbered term deposits of not but 100% of the outstanding deposits as laid out in rule 14
    • The ratio of net in hand Funds to deposits of no more than 1:20 .
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