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Company Registration in Ranchi :

Company registration in Ranchi is now total online process. Over the period of time the city evolved as a prime location for new industries and heavy manufacturing hub and placed itself as an important location for major business activities in the eastern region of India.
The city has a good connectivity and transport lanes with other important cities and ports of eastern India. The economic importance and activity in Ranchi is growing and expanding at a rapid speed and touching new heights in each passing year. Close proximity of several important minerals and mines makes it position advantageous for the industries like Iron and coal, steel, cement and Mica.
Speedy urbanisation and in the changing land policy its phenomenal commercial & industrial growth has also merged with increasing population.

The demographic feature of Ranchi makes it more favourable for the growing industrial, commercial and trading activities. More and more business is reaching to its landscape with more financing and investment. 
Hardworking employees and daily workers, high literacy rate among its inheritance makes this city an epicentre for economic, commercial and industrial activities. Favourable and attractive government schemes and incentive proposals are attracting more and more investment and make this city a perfect place for company registration in Ranchi.
A variety of industries starts from its own traditional cottage industries to the departmental stores and shopping malls, mining companies to multi-national companies, Public sector  companies to private sectors companies everything is available here.
Now a days Ranchi is offering ample business opportunities for new businesses and trades and we believe this is the high time for the new entrepreneurs and business owners for company registration in Ranchi.

We the SLPL Associates India Private limited firmly believe in the fact that without self-reliant business entity and committed management separate from personal & shallow ownership control, neither a business can thrive nor it can stands on its ground.
The best way to make the business self-reliant and self-sufficient is to company registration in Ranchi.  Our aim is to achieve this goal of efficiency for the local business owners and start-ups of Ranchi.
Company registration in Ranchi is important for the local businessman and traders more than ever, when the industries foreign companies and foreign investors are rushing to the city to take the prime spot of market share.
The only legal and corporate protection available for the local businesses is to go for company registration in Ranchi. With the help of our esteemed professionalism and guidance you will be able to pull your business from personal liability and financial risk. Company registration in Ranchi is also important to achieve the operational, functional and managerial efficiency of the businesses.

Here at SLPL Associates we have developed an online company registration process for the local business owners and provide them a unique opportunity for online Pvt Ltd company registration in Ranchi.
We have developed this digitally equipped platform to help , guide and assist our new businessman friends at each and every step of their business registration and incorporation.
Our online company registration platform largely focuses on Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Ranchi, as it is the most popular and preferable form of company registration in Ranchi.
SLPL Associates is the largest online platform for Pvt Ltd company registration in Ranchi dedicated and committed to serve the individuals and business entities to begin and manage the legal, finance and regulative functionaries of their business at a very reasonable and client friendly price.
Our aim & objective is to assist the new entrepreneurs legally and professionally to manage their own businesses and act as a strategic partner for their Pvt Ltd company registration in Ranchi and its compliances.

Our Pvt Ltd Company registration in Ranchi service starts with only 6,999/- where we have the following services:

  • DSC for 2 Directors.
  • DIN for 2 Directors.
  • Company PAN
  • Company TAN.
  • MOA
  • AOA
  • Certificate of Incorporation.

Join our online platform for Pvt Ltd company registration services and be the pioneer of self-reliant business. 

Pvt Ltd Registration
DSC for 2 Directors
DIN for 2 Directors
Articles of Association (AOA)
Memorandum of Association
Company PAN
Company TAN
Certificate of Incorporation

Know more about Private Limited Company Registration.

Frequently Asked Question ?

To register Private  Limited Company in Ranchi , the following criteria to be mantained:

  1. Minimum 2 directors are required,  one must be Indian.
  2. Minimum 2 shareholders are required, in pvt ltd company one can become shareholder and director at the same time.
  3. Office Address must be provided to register a company in Ranchi, India.

To register a pvt limited company, one must provide at least 1 lakh INR as an authorized capital.

To register a unique name one must provide at least two unique names for the company to the registrar. The applicant must follow the rules and regulations of reserving names for their company. Registrar may ask you to again submit the name if the name do not fall under the rules and regulations of Ministry.

Any individual person who is above the age of 18 can easily become the director of the company after procuring DIN number also known as Director Identification Number.

Digital Signature Certificate are the token provided by the certified authorities in India. Any form filled for the company registration must be affix with the Digital signature certificate. Also Directors in India requires DSC for DIN application and the subscibers to MOA must have DSC for submitting e-forms for incorporation.

Every company has a specific limit or ceiling to issue shares to the shareholders, which has been determined by both SEBI & RBI. Within this limit a company can issue shares to it’s shareholders. This is called authorized capital. And the share capital or paid up share capital is the actual amount received from the shareholders for the shares allotted to them.

The simple answer to this question is ‘many’, however all the businesses must be related, and if it’s related then the consent of the members can allow a company to run multiple businesses under one company. Scope of multiple businesses has to be mentioned in MOA of the company. But unrelated business activities are not allowed under one company.

Yes, you can surely do it. No issues about it.

Yes they can. There are 3 routes to do so. 100% FDI Automated route & FDI is controlling ownership. But they can be the shareholders of only private limited company and other limited companies.

Well the process of registration is completely online. Every steps one has to follow for the registration of private limited company, is on MCA portal. So the physical presence is not required.

After the incorporation a business firm has to initiate a number of crucial works. Like letter head and statutory register preparation, appointment of auditor declaration of its registered office issue of share certificates to its member and other compliance.

Annual compliance represents the yearly obligation of a company for the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) and registrar of companies. At the same time its worth mentioning that these compliance varies, based on company types. Yes, it is mandatory to meet annual compliance yearly to run a company successfully, even when the company has no transaction for the year.

Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Ranchi

Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Ranchi

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