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    OPC compliance checklist

    One person company or OPC is relatively a new concept of entrepreneurship & so does the OPC compliance, where entrepreneurs can enjoy ownership control and Proprietary privilege like sole-proprietorship, but he can achieve the status of a company with a separate legal entity. Companies Act 2013 allows an entrepreneur to open his company with 100 percent ownership over that business. OPC compliance is far lesser than the other form of businesses & organizations. The penalties, fines, and statutory formalities of OPC compliance attract the micro, small and medium business, owners to give their small-scale businesses a company status. It’s easy to maintain the to-do list for OPC compliance.

    OPC compliance checklist follows the pre-incorporation requirements and post-incorporation requirements of an OPC. OPC compliance is easy to maintain annually, however, it’s important for the business owner to fulfill the statutory formalities of the OPC compliance. The Pre-incorporation OPC compliance checklist contains the following:

    • Get the Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) for the owner and obtain the same for Nominee Director as well.
    • Director Identification Number (DIN) obtaining for the primary director (Owner) & Nominee Director as well.
    • Choice & Select the company name and check the name availability as well as its chances for approval from MCA.
    • Drafting of Memorandum of Association ( MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) by fulfilling the clauses.
    • e-sign various documents and file with the ROC to fulfill an important pre-incorporation obligation for OPC compliance.
    • Pre-incorporation OPC compliance can only be completed with the payment of suitable government fees.
    • Pre-incorporation OPC compliance formalities are successfully completed with the receiving of COI from ROC.

    The Post-incorporation OPC compliance includes:

    •   Post-incorporation OPC compliance starts with the receipt of MBP-1.
    •   Receipt of DIR-8 is another important aspect of post-incorporation OPC compliance.
    •   OPC shall hold a minimum number of two meetings of its directors each year to fulfill the obligation of OPC compliance.
    •   Auditor appointment is mandatory to fulfill the audit work of OPC compliance within 30 days of its incorporation.
    •   File form ADT-1 of auditor appointment for  OPC which is also a major part of OPC compliance.
    •   Annual filing of OPC in Form AOC-4 is the final stage for OPC’s annual compliance checklist.

    OPC compliance checklist at pre-incorporation & Post-incorporation stage is very crucial for the owners of OPC’s to maintain a smooth compliance perimeter. The new organization must take care of OPC compliance costs while taking service from the compliance assistance service provider. SLPL Associates India Private Limited is committed to bringing down the OPC compliance cost for the micro and small business owners who wish to start a company. We want to make your OPC compliance simpler and reasonable. Here at SLPL, we believe that the accomplishment of your OPC incorporation checklist should be backed by reasonable OPC compliance pricing from our end.

    Our dedicated team of professionals and compliance specialist will maintain the annual statutory formalities of your OPC company. Keep your calm and don’t lose your business vision for a moment. Follow the right trajectory for your One person company compliance with SLPL Associates & achieve the dream you have for your business. 



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