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Company Registration in Chennai:

The trace of massive economic activity and trading can be found beyond 500 BC in history books in Tamil Nadu. One of the oldest and richest civilizations serving the nation to date. More than 5000 years old civilization and cultural epicenter Tamil Nadu was the economic and commercial hub of the southern part of India. Still today the trace of ancient economic activity can be found in this region. In ancient times the main economic activity was Agriculture, Weaving, Pearl Fishery, manufacturing, and construction. Paddy and pearl was the most important component and medium of exchange for inland trade. Coastal ports were used to trade with different countries. Tamil Nadu has one of the oldest ports which were used for international trade and commerce. In recent times Roman coins have excavated in Tamil Nadu, which is a significant proof or international trade in that period of time.

Now a day’s Tamil Nadu Has the 2nd largest economy of India, carrying it’s glorifying past and welcoming new techniques, Technology and opportunity before it. Roughly over 60% of the state is urbanized, which gives it a perfect thrust for new manufacturing, Engineering, and Tech- Hub set up across the state. Service and manufacturing combined, contribute nearly 80% of the state’s total economy. Chennai is the capital state of Tamil Nadu, and functions as the boiler for the state economy. Chennai is the largest commercial, industrial and economic center of not only Tamil Nadu, but the whole southern region of the country. The economic base of Chennai comprised of Automobile, Software Service, Medical Tourism, Hardware manufacturing, financial services, Textiles, and so many industries. The fast pace of the economy of Chennai is calling to the urgent need for company registration in Chennai for the local businesses and manufacturers. It is high time for the local traders and businessmen to shift their traditional view of doing business and replaced them with new corporate mechanisms. Cottage industries like Traditional Handicrafts & Arts, Pottery, and jewelry need to reshape their businesses and adopt new techniques & strategies to combat the tough competition statewide. Company Registration in Chennai will not only help their local and traditional businesses to survive but will prove absolutely essential to grow successfully in the future. The corporate identity and legal protectoral jacket are absolutely necessary for the micro, small and medium industries of Chennai in order to grab the expanding economic opportunities before them and to cope up with the rapid changes in the way of doing businesses. Company registration in Chennai will help these local industries in the fields of planning, organizing, Staffing, and strategizing their organization & will provide their businesses with a separate legal identity, which is crucial nowadays. Likewise, it’s also important for the local logistics and transport companies to get their businesses incorporated under company registration in Chennai. Separate corporate legal identity and unique corporate identity is absolutely essential nowadays to avail the maximum benefits laid down by the government. As Chennai is the state capital of Tamil Nadu, it’s the central economic and commercial hub for the whole state. The local supply chain must prove their businesses competent enough through company registration in Chennai.


With the several announcements of schemes and projects made by the government of India, startups have emerged as a fast-growing & popular business model in India and also Tamil Nadu. Startups are characterized by the new fast-growing business and develop a viable business model around an innovative product. In 2015 the government of India has announced the ‘Startup India’ initiative for creating a conducive environment for startups in India. This initiative will automatically encourage startup company registration in Chennai.  The schemes which have been laid down by this initiative clearly suggest the fact that an entity will be considered as a startup must be a private Limited Company, or a registered partnership or a Limited Liability Partnership. It means that to get all the tax benefits and all other incentives every startup must incorporate under startup company registration in Chennai. The new businesses and new entrepreneurs must give their business and initiative a separate legal entity in order to be recognized as Start up’s. Startup company registration in Chennai is the only way forward for the new business and trades. Therefore for any startups company registration in Chennai is an absolutely essential and necessary step before any kind of new venture.

SLPL Associates India Private Limited has created an opportunity for the small, micro, and medium enterprises for company registration in Chennai. We have created a web-based digital platform for company registration in Chennai. We have created a group of accountants, financial analysts, management consultants, Chartered Accountants, entrepreneurship advisors, and start-up advisors to guide the way of business set up for new entrepreneurs. We guide you perfectly for an effective company set up through company registration in Chennai.  We also guide the new aspiring entrepreneurs for Startup company registration in Chennai, so that they can take the full opportunity given by the government’s scheme. We function as en effective consulting body for Startup company registration in Chennai. Our efficient professionals will help & guide you to understand the detailed and long term benefits of company registration in Chennai.  Company incorporation or company registration in Chennai has various advantages and benefits which can help a new organization to grow and thrive.


The key advantages of company registration in Chennai are as follows:

  • By incorporating through company registration in Chennai a business can gain is life forever. Owners may come and go but in the eyes of law, the business will stand forever. A new business can avail of a continuous life cycle through company registration in Chennai.
  • One of the major advantages of company registration in Chennai is the transferability of ownership. Owners can transfer their share easily in an incorporated firm. Transfer of ownership can be done freely.
  • The liability of the owner is limited if the company or business is incorporated through Company registration in Chennai.
  • Company registration in Chennai can provide better borrowing capacity to a firm. Several channels and options can be opened up through company registration in Chennai. Banks and other financial institutes are more interested in providing loans if the company is incorporated and registered by company registration in Chennai. The company also gets the opportunity to accept deposits from the public if it’s being incorporated.
  • An incorporated company has the legal capacity to fight for its cause. Company registration in Chennai facilitates an organization to be an artificial person in the eyes of law.

SLPL Associates India private limited has created a digital web portal for online company registration in Chennai. Our online company registration in the Chennai portal will give the new entrepreneurs and startups a perfect opportunity to register and incorporate their business online. We have brought to you the perfect opportunity to register your business online by using our online company registration in Chennai portal, a web-based digital platform for the new aspiring businessman. Our technical team is here to guide the micro, small, and local business owners properly to understand the step by step process for online company registration in Chennai. We have also facilitated the online fast mode payment gateway for our clients to get themselves registered under our digital online company registration in the Chennai portal.

Our professional and executives are efficient enough to understand your need and queries, and for that, we have developed our telecommunication system and E-communication process in a way that anyone can call and clarify their doubts before company registration in Chennai. Our Company registration in Chennai is a web based platform specially built to cater to the needs of new and small business owners and startups. Our aim is to provide small businesses with the best services they deserve. Our professionals, analysts, and tax practitioners work round the clock to ensure the fast and safe company registration in Chennai.  Our consultation and advisories will help the local, small & traditional business owners to comprehend the urgent need for company registration in Chennai.

In recent times a number of new and aspiring businessmen understand the facilities of company registration in Chennai. More and more the young entrepreneurs are becoming aware of the benefits, advantages and lucrative offerings of company registration in Chennai, after the announcement of ‘Self-reliant India’ from the Prime minister of our country. Under the ‘self-reliant India’ (‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’) scheme the pre-existing schemes and programs like ‘Start Up India’ and ‘Make In India’ are getting more boost ups. The financial packages announced for ‘Self-Reliant India’ are categorically directed towards the micro, small and medium enterprises and generate fresh cash flow for the local supply chain. New manufacturers and suppliers must incorporate their business for company registration in Chennai in order to get the full benefits of this new package. Moreover, new manufacturers and local suppliers must reshape their organization and make it more structured in order to expand its operational capacity. Company registration in Chennai will not only give these businesses the full benefits (Includes Tax exemptions and subsidy) of newly announced schemes and packages but will also help them in future strategic collaboration and contracts with big and giant firms. This is the reason why, with the announcement of the Self-Reliant India package the incorporation of new firms especially manufacturing jumps record high since 2013. 5041 firms incorporated in the month of July 2020. With this flow, the local businesses of Tamil Nadu and Chennai must incorporate and register their businesses by using our company registration in the Chennai platform online.


Here are the reasons why the SLPL Associates India private limited should be your first choice for company registration in Chennai:

  • Tailor made service for our clients. We provide our services based on the specific need of an individual businessman and corporate entity. We have a 360 introspection approach to identify the overall requirements of our clients.
  • Unbeatable price offerings for company registration in Chennai.
  • Effective and efficient group of professionals to guide you in every aspect of entrepreneurship management.
  • Strong and uninterrupted communication channel for the detail clarity and understanding before company registration in Chennai.
  • ZERO consultancy fees. Our consultation and advisory for the complete & total aspects of company registration in Chennai are absolutely free.
  • Focus on long term relationships with the clients beyond professionalism.

Our professionals and executives pay closer attention to our new start up clients to guide them properly on how to start a company in Chennai. Our in-depth analysis of an individual’s position and open consultation will guide the new local business owners to understand the process of how to start a company in Chennai.


Our detail services which are available for our client’s complete entrepreneurial solutions are as follows:

We have the principal and objective to provide the complete start to end service for our company registration in Chennai clients. For this reason, all of our services aim towards that. Starting from registration to annual compliance and different licensing services focuses on the complete and total availability of entrepreneurial services and solutions. Our annual compliance service has also built with the same principle, to facilitate hassle-free compliance for the newly incorporated enterprises.

Moreover, we have existing Company up-gradation/Modification Service, which includes modification of MOA’s & AOA’s, Company address change, Adding new directors or removal of any director and any sort of other amendments which are absolutely essential for newly incorporated businesses and new business owners for their company registration in Chennai.


SLPL Associates India Private Limited is committed to bringing the best services for our clients. We are hailing the government’s initiative of Self-reliant India and we want the local businesses and small businesses of Tamil Nadu and Chennai to get organized and incorporated through our service. Our dedicated workforces are alert to cater to every need of our clients. We are a team of a committed and dedicated group of professionals who are determined to bring the change in the unorganized micro, small, and medium enterprise sectors. Our Tax professionals, practitioners, and accounts experts work relentlessly to bring the revolutionary change in this sector. Join us today to change your way of doing business in a professional manner. We would like you to share our vision and join our mission. The long and strong commercial as well as the cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu and Chennai is embraced with the legends and stalwarts in its path; we also want to be a part of that. With your support, we are confident to provide the best service in the field of company incorporation in Tamil Nadu. Join us today and be a valuable crowning part of the SLPL Associates family. Feel the difference.


We are one of the leading online business solution companies in India, where any kind of business organization especially small, medium, and micro industries can get their company incorporation, taxation, and accounting service at an affordable price. We are your one-stop solution for all entrepreneurial services, company formation & compliance service. We are a group of expert professionals who are committed to provide consistently, customize, affordable and practical solutions in the field of corporate management, Taxation, Accounting & Audit, Labour laws & legal compliances. We have specialized in Company formation and incorporation through our web-based platform. We have the most efficient and affordable price for our entrepreneurial services.

In recent past company incorporation and registration has gained a lot of popularity in our country. Small business owners are becoming more aware and concern about the long term advantages associated with company incorporation. Big companies are now more selective in choosing their channel partners. They prefer organized suppliers and traders as compared to the unorganized standalone businesses. It is high time for our local supply chain management to fully understand the situation and get their business and trade incorporated. Our advisory and free consultation also aim towards general entrepreneur awareness regarding the essentiality of incorporating the businesses. It is the call of time to change the unorganized nature of doing business. Incorporation and registration of a business to give it a separate corporate legal identity is the only way forward. Organized and strongly structured local entrepreneurs are the future of the nation. The economic reliance of the nation lies with the formal incorporation of business enterprises.  

Pvt Ltd Registration
DSC for 2 Directors
DIN for 2 Directors
Articles of Association (AOA)
Memorandum of Association
Company PAN
Company TAN
Certificate of Incorporation

Know more about Private Limited Company Registration.

Frequently Asked Question ?

To register Private  Limited Company in Chennai, the following criteria to be mantained:

  1. Minimum 2 directors are required,  one must be Indian.
  2. Minimum 2 shareholders are required, in pvt ltd company one can become shareholder and director at the same time.
  3. Office Address must be provided to register a company in Mumbai, India.

To register a pvt limited company, one must provide at least 1 lakh INR as an authorized capital.

To register a unique name one must provide at least two unique names for the company to the registrar. The applicant must follow the rules and regulations of reserving names for their company. Registrar may ask you to again submit the name if the name do not fall under the rules and regulations of Ministry.

Any individual person who is above the age of 18 can easily become the director of the company after procuring DIN number also known as Director Identification Number.

Digital Signature Certificate are the token provided by the certified authorities in India. Any form filled for the company registration must be affix with the Digital signature certificate. Also Directors in India requires DSC for DIN application and the subscibers to MOA must have DSC for submitting e-forms for incorporation.

Every company has a specific limit or ceiling to issue shares to the shareholders, which has been determined by both SEBI & RBI. Within this limit a company can issue shares to it’s shareholders. This is called authorized capital. And the share capital or paid up share capital is the actual amount received from the shareholders for the shares allotted to them.

The simple answer to this question is ‘many’, however all the businesses must be related, and if it’s related then the consent of the members can allow a company to run multiple businesses under one company. Scope of multiple businesses has to be mentioned in MOA of the company. But unrelated business activities are not allowed under one company.

Yes, you can surely do it. No issues about it.

Yes they can. There are 3 routes to do so. 100% FDI Automated route & FDI is controlling ownership. But they can be the shareholders of only private limited company and other limited companies.

Well the process of registration is completely online. Every steps one has to follow for the registration of private limited company, is on MCA portal. So the physical presence is not required.

After the incorporation a business firm has to initiate a number of crucial works. Like letter head and statutory register preparation, appointment of auditor declaration of its registered office issue of share certificates to its member and other compliance.

Annual compliance represents the yearly obligation of a company for the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA) and registrar of companies. At the same time its worth mentioning that these compliance varies, based on company types. Yes, it is mandatory to meet annual compliance yearly to run a company successfully, even when the company has no transaction for the year.

Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Chennai

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