Professional Tax Registration
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Professional tax or P. Tax levied to the businessman, traders and employees by the respective state governments. The P. Tax registration in West Bengal is governed and regulated by the West Bengal state tax on professions, Trades, calling and Employment rules 1979. Under this rule the guidelines, applicability and legal enforceability of P. Tax registration process are categorised clearly. Under the P. Tax registration in West Bengal guidelines laid down by The West Bengal State Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and Employment rules 1979.

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    Every person who is engaged in any profession, trade, callings and employment and falling under any one or more entries enumerated in the schedule appended to the act is liable to pay Professional Tax.” Under the P. Tax registration in West Bengal rules, there are two types of taxpayers:

    •  Employers.
    • Self-Employed Persons.

    In case of employees, they are liable to pay tax under entry at serial number 1 of the schedule specified under the P. Tax registration in West Bengal rules.

    On the other hand A self employed person will pay the P. Tax by himself under the rules specified under P. Tax registration in West Bengal guidelines laid down by the government of West Bengal.

    1. Tax registration process is also governed by the rules of P. Tax registration in West Bengal guidelines P. Tax registration process in West Bengal involves the following steps:
    • An application for registration has to be initiated by the employer to the concerning authority, who has the jurisdiction over his place of business and workplace. Likewise a self-employed person who is covered by the rules of Tax registration in West Bengal.
    • Next steps involve the payment of Tax registration fees to obtain the certificate of enrolment. Payment mode is online government portal.
    • The applicants need to pay the accrued liability within 90 days from the date of accrual.
    • Obtain the P. Tax enrolment certificate online and download it.

    SLPL Associates India Private limited has created a digital based platform for P. Tax registration in West Bengal.  Our P. Tax registration fees structure is made with an objective to facilitate the maximum benefits to the small and micro businessman. Our P. Tax registration fees and service charges are reasonable in nature and customized according to the need of our clients. Our P. Tax service comes with the advantages of completing the whole process online, while maintaining social distancing.

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