Director Removal
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    Process Of Director Removal

    A company will take away a director if he incurs any of the disqualifications fixed under the Act, absents himself from board meetings over 12 months, enters into contracts or arrangements against the provisions of section 184, is disqualified by an order of a court or court, or is convicted by a court of any offence and sentenced to imprisonment for not but six months.
    Procedure for Removal of Director:
    • 3 working DAYS By ordinary resolution, the director may be removed before the ending of his amount of office, provided he doesn’t hold office always. Special notice of any resolution to get rid of a director should be sent by the company to the director involved. The director (whether or not he’s a member of the company) shall be entitled to be detected on the resolution at the meeting.
    • 10 working DAYS The company should sit up for a proof from him. If no reply is received, special notice should be given and, through members’ approval, director can be removed. File the DIR-12 with the Registrar of meetings. inside ten to fifteen days, the director are removed.​
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