Trademark registration service in India

The trademark registry was established in India, in the year 1940 and currently it’s administered and regulated by the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the various rules framed and operated under the act. This act plays the primary role in trademark registration. The main objective of the trademark registration under this act is to provide better protection for the specified goods and services of a particular business organization. This act also monitors and control the unauthorized and fraudulent use of a trademark.

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    • These registration processes help the organization to protect their business name & trade symbol legally.
    • The Product which has similar product range and competitive products, it helps to differentiate and distinguish its market presence.
    • Help to increase the market reliability and goodwill.
    • Customer is more satisfied to recognize and rely on a particular brand, their brand recognition ultimately help the organization’s profitability.
    • Protect the brand, symbol and trade name from unauthorized use.
    • Increases the goodwill of an organization.

    It’s helpful for product expansion and helps in marketing.

    SLPL Associates India private Limited has brought to you the finest solution for Trademark registration in Kolkata. Our fastest service and unbeatable price range will satisfy your need. Moreover our free expert consultation and advisory will help you to tackle any kind of legal problem arising out of your trademark registration. Your trademark registration will not only protects your business but will contribute to easy identification of your product and brand.

    Our Trademark registration fees starts from @ Rs 7,000/- only for you. There are no hidden charges and our consultation before registration is completely free. In today’s competitive market scenario’ Trademark registration should be an inevitable option for all traders and businessman. Contact us for further details regarding your trademark registration.

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