1. The assignment will be carried out only as a filing consultant as per the documents submitted to us by the applicant. If any discrepancy found in the documentation we reserves the right to terminate the assignment on immediate basis and we will have no liability for any consequences on that matter.
  2. Every additional consultation will be chargeable and should be decided mutually agreed upon by both the parties. Our representatives are liable to provide you service over phone within the office timings only thereafter only mail communication will be available.
  3. We never commit any assurance regarding name approval, availability of intellectual property etc. These are subject to approval from the government authorities. We only suggest the probability. Apart from that we have no liability in any approval in terms of that matter.
  4. The delivery period we mention is fixed on an approximate basis. The actual delivery may defer due to the slow approval process from the government departments or holiday periods. We have no control on that and we will not be responsible for that delay.
  5. We may ask for additional documentation time to time as may require by the approval authority within a specified time period. If any rejection occurs due to non availability of proper documentation within specified timeframe we will not be liable in any condition.
  6. If any assignment gets delayed due to any confusion or unavailability or contact person or documentation and if extra extension is required, the extra charges for that including extra professional charges need to be paid by the applicant.
  7. We reserve the right to keep the KYC and assignment documentation of our applicants including digital signature until settlement of the invoice amount in full.
  8. If the applicant fail to clear his final dues within the specified time for any assignment and the assignment gets delayed and any penalty levied on such assignment due to submission in delay, that should be payable by the applicant only. We will not be responsible for such happenings.
  9. If the applicants pay the assignment fee in cheque and it found dishonoured, he/she is liable to clear the amount including the bank charges immediately in cash only otherwise we reserve the right to take necessary legal actions as when required.
  10. If any assignment terminates before completion due to any problems occurred from the applicant side or unavailability of any documents, the assignment fee is not refundable.
  11. If any assignment terminates before completion due to any problem arises from our side the professional fee of ours are refundable but the government fee is not refundable.
  12. All the disputes and differences between both the parties should be resolved mutually agreed upon by both the parties.
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